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The Institute has formed a forum comprising of students and faculty advisors for organizing various extracurricular activities. The forum endeavours to develop the personality of students and also assists in unleashing creativity and enhancing team spirit. Events, cultural and sports activities are organized at the intra-institute and inter-institute levels. These include Presentation Contests, Quizzes, Ad-Mad Contests, Collage Competitions, Web Page Designing Contests, Solo Song Competitions, Poetry Recitation Competitions, Case Study Competitions, Debate Competitions, Indoor and Outdoor sports activities, etc.

DIAS has recently organized its twelfth Annual Festival "Ecstasy" on March 12, 2016. It had also organized the zonal prelims of Anoogunj 2015, the annual cultural festival of GGSIP University. More than 30 events/ programmes have been organized by Students Technology Forum (STF) in last 4 years. Students participated in more than 70 events in different colleges/ Universities during the last 4 years. More than 150 prizes have been won by students of DIAS in various Events conducted by different colleges/University.

Highlights of the past events