Faculty Home

DIAS has a healthy blend of academicians, administrators and managers to deliver the knowledge, skills and realities of the corporate & IT world. The Institute draws upon the best faculty from the academic, industry and other organizations.

The Institute has its own core faculty committed to excellence. Headed by the Director, Dr. N. Malati, the core faculty includes MCAs, MBAs, Chartered Accountants, M.Tech., B.E., M.Sc., etc.

The core faculty comprise of the following:


Dr. S. N. Maheshwari, Professor Emeritus & Academic Advisor
Dr. N. Malati, Professor & Director
Dr. Daryab Singh, Professor
Dr. Reena Sethi, Professor
Dr. Davinder Kumar Vaid, Professor
Dr. Shilki Bhatia, HOD and Assistant Professor
Ms. Ekta Sachdeva, Assistant Professor
Dr. Anju Batra, Assistant Professor
Ms. Neetu Chadha, Assistant Professor
Ms. Balwinder Kaur, Assistant Professor
Dr. Divya Mohan, Assistant Professor
Dr. Urvashi Ghai, Assistant Professor
Dr. Richa Arora, Astt. Professor
Ms. Shailly Bhasin, Astt. Professor
Ms. Kanika Dhingra, Astt. Professor
Ms. Sandeepa Kaur, Astt. Professor
Mr. Nishant Kumar, Astt. Professor
Mr. Pranav Kharbanda, Astt. Professor
Ms. Monika, Assistant Professor
Ms. Savita, Assistant Professor
Ms. Pragya Jayaswal, Assistant Professor
Ms. Aashima, Assistant Professor


Dr. Barkha Bahl, Professor & HOD
Ms. Tripti Mishra, Reader
Dr. Pratiksha Tiwari, Assistant Professor
Ms. Charru Hasti, Assistant Professor
Mr. Neeraj Juneja, Assistant Professor
Mr. Kamal Upreti, Assistant Professor
Ms. Anjani Gupta, Astt. Professor