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DirectorThe world of business is changing fast. Perhaps it is changing faster than ever before. World economy is transforming more rapidly than we could ever imagine. Opportunities are emerging in areas untapped by traditional commerce and industry. They will bear fruit, only if future professionals recognize them early and bring them to maturity. Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies recognizes the necessity for developing leaders who are well prepared to meet the challenges of the twenty first century.

At DIAS, our effort is to develop performance ability through acquisition of sound conceptual knowledge balanced by an aptitude for its practical application. We aspire to develop leaders, architects and organization builders who would create organizational capability to compete effectively in the corporate olympia. We want our students to keep a positive attitude, strive for excellence in all their endeavours and achieve the highest standards of performance. We firmly believe that the role of an educational institution is to provide guidance and develop in its students a strong urge to grow. Alfred North Whitehead has once said:

" The essential spring of all growth is within you. All that you can get from without is some food-material or spiritual, with which to build your own organism, and some stimulus to spur you to activity. What is really essential in your development, you must do for yourself. "

I welcome you in the fraternity of DIAS and I am sure that with your co-operation and sincere efforts and our unflinching support, you will achieve your long cherished goals.

S.N. Maheshwari