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Today we live in a global village. The international boundaries have receded and an integrated global economy is fast emerging. Centres imparting professional knowledge and competence must accept the responsibility to equip the professionals of tomorrow with the necessary tools that will enable them to be successful.

In my opinion, the three most important areas of concern for future professionals are:
  • Attitude i.e. the positive approach to life and the acumen to deal with people.
  • Adaptability i.e. keeping pace with the fast changing global economic environment.
  • Social responsiveness i.e. the welfare, growth and development of the society have predominance over surplus generation.
At Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies, we are striving hard to inculcate and develop the above qualities amongst our young students. We are confident that our efforts will bear fruits and we shall achieve our goal of making this institute to be among the first 20 institutions providing professional education in the country in the next five years. We shall very much wish that the executives of tomorrow get associated with us in this process.

May I, therefore, invite you young students to be a partner with us in this meaningful endeavour. I am sure your education and training here will equip you for a promising and rewarding career.

S.K. Sachdeva