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Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) at DIAS is a three years full time program designed to equip the students with management skills, proficiency in areas relating to commerce and industry. This programme aims to prepare the student to select their professional career from various current avenues. It is a career-oriented degree programme which provides a foundation in all aspects of commerce and business trade. It helps to prepare graduates for a wide range of careers in the business world. Our aim for the B.Com(H) programme is to provide the student with the knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to the courses offered, together with a capacity for critical and evaluative thinking. To achieve this, we aim to offer a stimulating, challenging as well as a supportive learning environment for our students to encourage autonomous learning and independent thinking.
  • This program focuses on preparing the individual for the modern financial and accounting field.
  • The program is designed to build competency in various areas of the industry like in the field of finance and accounting, business development, banking, management consulting, financial planning, government administration, and portfolio management in various sectors.
On the successful completion of the program requirements, a student is awarded Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.


Teaching methods for Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) at DIAS include- lectures, tutorials, discussions, case studies, brainstorming sessions and industrial visits. Guest lectures by distinguished personalities are organized regularly; in addition to that seminars, presentations and group discussions on topics of relevance are conducted frequently. The emphasis is on interaction and participation rather than passive assimilation of knowledge. Experience through live projects in the real world is an integral part of learning. Hence there are many employment opportunities for the students.

Syllabus : Download Syllabus


A student shall obtain his/her degree if
  • He/she has undergone and secured the required minimum 154 credits of his/her programme within the stipulated time.
  • The minimum period for completion of a course is equal to the number of semesters for the course prescribed and the maximum period for completion of a course having n semesters will be 6 plus n semesters.